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Fern was a normal teenager until she developed mild siderophobia (fear of the stars) after a chance encounter with a strange girl at Disney World. Months later, when her family was struck by tragedy, she found herself literally transported to a new world where the people have strong psychic abilities. These people had escaped from slavery by a very alien race, and fear of discovery by their former captors was a shadow that continued to hang over them. Eventually, Fern was to find her connection to the history and fate of her new people. This novel follows Fern’s growth and maturity as she struggled to adjust to the new language and culture, confronted unfamiliar perils, fell in and out of love, and embarked on a journey of exploration of her new planet and herself.

This novel may be purchased at Amazon.com.  Kindle version: $3.99. Paperback: $10. Just Google “Fern by Marie Rogers”.  It is also available from Barnes & Noble.

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Preview and read the first two chapters at https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1111743

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